Fall (also called autumn) in the United States brings cooler weather and beautiful colors as the leaves change. It also brings special traditions that many Americans enjoy every year.

  • Fall Foods — Fall is harvest time, and certain delicious foods are typically enjoyed at this time of year. Crisp apples are plentiful in the autumn. Many Americans enjoy buying them by the bushel from local farms for baking or eating fresh. Apple cider, a juice made by pressing apples, is a sweet fall treat. Pumpkins are another symbol of fall in the U.S. They are cooked in pies and other baked goods or simply used as a seasonal decoration. Around Halloween, you can see pumpkins with faces carved into them on many American’s front porches. These are called jack-o-lanterns.
  • Hay Rides — Many Americans visit farms in the fall to celebrate the harvest. A favorite farm activity in the fall is a hay ride. Groups of friends and family members sit in a hay wagon pulled by a tractor, and they enjoy the scenery and the cool autumn air.
  • Corn Mazes — Some farms also feature these mazes cut into corn fields for visitors to try to fin their way through. Many are cut to make pictures that you can see from a high overlook.
  • Halloween — This holiday on October 31 comes tradition comes from a ancient European tradition of scaring away evil spirits. Children (and sometimes adults) wear scary, funny, or cute costumes for parties or trick-or-treating, a fun time to visit neighbors and collect candy.
  • Football — No discussion of fall traditions would be complete without mentioning football. College and university teams usually play on Saturdays in the fall, while professional teams play on Sundays and Monday nights. American football fans are often very passionate about their favorite teams and enjoy cheering at the stadiums or watching the games on television, often with friends or at sports bars.

What is your favorite fall activity, either in the U.S. or in your country?