Claudia Iciarte is from Venezuela and will graduate this spring from Tennessee Tech University. A nursing student, she credits the year she spent at IEI with her continued academic success.

“it helped me to pass my TOEFL test,” says Claudia. “Also, I ended up having good English skills, and this helped me to be accepted to nursing school on my first try.”

Claudia chose IEI for its affordable tuition compared to other English schools in the area as well as her positive impression of the friendly and experienced teachers. IEI is also a family tradition for Claudia. Her mother attended the school previously, and since Claudia left IEI, her brother has also studied here and gone on to an American university.

Claudia has many memories of activities at IEI with friends she made from around the world. “My favorite days would be the International Lunches. That was very fun because you could try different dishes from around the world. Also, I never missed Wednesday nights because we would have Conversation Partners with Americans to practice our English.” She also remembers going bowling with her Japanese and Korean friends.

All in all, Claudia recommends IEI to other students who want to study in the U.S.: “You need to know English very well to succeed in college, and IEI gives you that important tool.”