English blogsCan reading blogs improve your English? Of course!

As a reader of the IEI Blog, you learn a lot about the school, its students, its hometown, and of course, English. Here are a few other blogs that you should consider subscribing to for more English enrichment. Also remember that reading any blog that is written in English gives your mind more fuel for improving your comprehension, vocabulary, and more.

Grammar Girl is a blog designed to help native English speakers improve the grammar in their writing—yes, even native speakers need help sometimes! Grammar Girl’s articles and podcasts have a casual tone and use lots of examples to make her points clear.

Daily Grammar Lessons are a series of 440 bite-size lessons written by an experienced teacher of junior high and high school English. After each week’s lessons, a quiz is posted each Saturday (with answers) to check your understanding of the week’s lessons.

Online for 13 years (an eternity for a website), esl.about.com offers an extensive library of exercises, study resources, and articles for ESL teachers and students. From beginner English to TOEFL preparation, you’ll find something you can use here.

Breaking News English posts a new lesson every three days with a current news story you can read or listen to. There are discussion questions and exercises to do before, while, and after listening.

For students who want a real challenge, check out the Word of the Day from Dictionary.com. Every day, you’ll get a challenging new vocabulary word with definition, origin, and examples. This service is designed for well-educated native English speakers, so expect some tough words!

What other blogs or websites have you found that help you improve your English? Please share in the comments!

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