IEI students and staff enjoyed ice skating this week at the Centennial Sportsplex here in Nashville. Check out the photos below, and then learn a few idioms related to ice!


to break the ice – to begin social interaction and friendship among people who do not know each other
The students were a little uncomfortable on the first day of class, but their teacher broke the ice with a fun conversation game.

to be on thin ice – to be in a risky situation
I forgot my wife’s birthday yesterday, so I can’t go to the bar with you after work today. I’m already on thin ice.

on the rocks – with ice cubes; usually referring to an alcoholic drink
I’d like a margarita on the rocks.

tip of the iceberg – the small part of a situation you can see when there is much more hidden
I have a lot of homework, and this worksheet is just the tip of the iceberg. I also have to study for a test and write an essay.

to freeze up – to become unable to move or to do something, often because of fear
She was supposed to give a speech in class, but she is scared of public speaking and froze up.

when hell freezes over – never
My parents said that they will buy me a car when hell freezes over. I guess I will ride the bus forever.