english online
  1. Browse an English magazine’s website. Choose something not too serious that you will have fun reading, like People for celebrity gossip, Sports Illustrated for sports, Vogue for fashion, Martha Stewart Living for crafts and cooking, or Motor Trend for cars.
  2. Watch previews for upcoming American movies at iTunes.
  3. Go to a travel website like Frommers and dream about where you would like to go.
  4. Using an iPhone, iPad, or Android? Search the Apps Store or Android Market for a new vocabulary app to help you study.
  5. Like puzzles? Try a crossword puzzle. If you want a real challenge, see if you can solve a New York Times crossword!
  6. Watch a video and learn something new. On a winter day like today, you might want to get some good techniques for a snowball fight. If you prefer to stay warm, learn how to make delicious cookies and hot chocolate.
  7. Start a blog and share your thoughts with the world. WordPress (which this blog uses) gives you many ways to customize your blog. Blogger is simpler to use but offers fewer options. Best of all, both are free and fun ways to practice writing about anything you like.


[photo: Hygiene Matters]