English bilingual career businessLearning another language improves your job outlook, according to a recent article from the International Business Times. In the U.S., they predict that the need for translators will increase 22 percent by 2018. Medical translators to work in hospitals and other health settings are especially needed. In all career fields, employers will want more and more workers with Chinese and Spanish language skills in particular.

American workers are not the only ones who need language skills to compete in today’s job market. After Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, English is the number three language in the world with 328,000,000 native speakers and even more people using it as a second language. As you compete for a professional job in your home country, you will have a real disadvantage if you do not know English.

For the most effective way to improve your English quickly, consider attending an intensive English program in an English-speaking country. You will get the results you need when you learn from native English-speaking teachers and live in a place that surrounds you with your new language.

If you wonder if you can afford to study English, maybe the real question for your career future is this: Can you afford not to study English?

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[picture by TheAlieness Gisela Giardino]