As the weather gets warmer here in Nashville, we’re thinking about spring. Get ready for the new season with these idioms related to flowers.

english flower idioms

  • Flowery speech – Words that sound fancy but have little meaning
    Her teacher didn’t believe her flowery speech about why she didn’t do her homework.
  • Pushing up daisies – Dead (very informal)
    The founder of our company is pushing up daisies, so the business is not like it was when he was alive.
  • Shrinking violet – A person who doesn’t express his/her opinion
    If you are a shrinking violet, nobody will know what you want in life.
  • To nip something in the bud – To stop something before it becomes a big problem
    Mubarak tried to nip the protests in the bud, but he failed.
  • To come up roses – To be a good situation, to succeed
    My job search is coming up roses; I have offers from three companies.
  • Wall flower – a person who is shy in social situations
    I am not confident in my English, so I was a wall flower at my host family’s party.
  • Bed of roses – A comfortable, easy situation
    You have to work hard to succeed in university; it isn’t a bed of roses.
  • To bloom where you are planted – To succeed in whatever situation you’re in
    She didn’t expect her family to move to the U.S., but she bloomed where she was planted and now has a successful career here.

Photo by nexus6