You probably have an opinion about how hard English is to learn. How hard to you think your native language is for others to learn?

This infographic from shows information from the Foreign Service Institute here in the U.S. about how difficult different languages are for English speakers to learn. Factors that influence language difficulty include writing systems, grammar complexity, and “tonality”.

Via: Voxy Blog

This information is interesting, but it should not discourage you from studying English if it is very different from your language. It is helpful to be aware of the similarities and differences of your native language and English. Then you will know which aspects of English need closer attention as you learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more.

Be sure to notice the gray section at the top of the infographic. Similarity to your native tongue is not the only factor is how easy or difficult it is to learn a language. Time, learning resources, and motivation are equally important.

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