English school accreditation

If you’re looking for an English school, you may be surprised by how many choices there are. There are many excellent intensive English programs in the U.S., and there are also many that are not as good. The American government works to eliminate “student visa mills”, schools that help people come into the country but don’t actually require them to attend classes. But just because a school is allowed to grant I-20s (documents to get student visas) doesn’t mean it’s a great school.

How can you know which schools are the best choices? Fortunately, there is an organization that evaluates English programs very carefully and certifies their quality. The Commission on English Language Program Evaluation (CEA) examines the classes, teachers, management, and programs of English school. Schools that are accredited by the CEA have proven their quality to a committee of expert professionals in English education.

Currently, 89 English schools and programs are accredited by the CEA.  The only accredited school in the state of Tennessee is IEI. Nashville is a great place to study, and our teachers and staff work hard to create an excellent curriculum so that our students can learn and succeed at our school and beyond. Apply today if you want to attend one of the best English schools.