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IEI is a great place to study for the TOEFL. Some students ask why we don’t have a TOEFL class. In reality, all of our classes are designed to prepare you for the TOEFL and for university study or professional life. Look at the sections of the TOEFL:

  • Reading – The reading section of the TOEFL requires that you answer comprehension questions, plus summarize and organize information about what you read. As an IEI student, you will build your reading skills in the Reading Lab through extensive reading practice, comprehension exercises, and one-on-one coaching from your teacher. Your writing and grammar classes will also help you to understand the organization of texts, and this will make you a stronger reader.
  • Listening – In the listening section of the TOEFL, you will hear conversations and short excerpts from classroom lectures. Then you will answer questions about the information you heard, how it is organized, and speakers’ attitudes and intentions. The IEI Listening Lab will give you daily practice in understanding English conversations and lectures, including important practice in note-taking. This skill will help you succeed on the TOEFL and in university.
  • Speaking – The TOEFL speaking section includes questions about your opinion on general topics as well as oral responses to reading and listening passages. Your Conversation classes at IEI are focused on developing both fluency (speaking smoothly) and accuracy (speaking correctly). Your teacher will also meet with you one-on-one each week for personalized practice to help you converse with English speakers and present information on the TOEFL, in university classes, and in the workplace.
  • Writing – To succeed on the writing section of the TOEFL, you must write a short essay on a personal opinion. You also must write a comparison of reading and listening passages on the same topic. IEI’s Writing courses will help you to write with a variety of vocabulary and grammar structures, plus clear organization. These are key to writing well on the TOEFL and beyond.
  • Grammar – There is no grammar section in the TOEFL. Instead, the TOEFL focuses on integrating your English skills and using your grammar knowledge in each section. Our Grammar courses at IEI teach you to use and understand grammar in your everyday English listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
As you can see, the classes at IEI are designed to work together to get you ready for the TOEFL. They will also prepare you for life after the TOEFL as you study at university, work in an English-speaking company, and more. The many success stories of our students prove that IEI helps students achieve their goals!