The weather is hot here in Nashville, so here are some hot idioms about heat and fire!

  • put the heat on (someone) – to put pressure on someone to act
    Duane is putting the heat on the teachers to turn in their grades today.
  • take the heat – to accept criticism or scolding
    I took the heat from our parents about the broken window, so now you owe me a favor.
  • to heat up – to become exciting (often refers to a competition)
    My team scored another goal! This game is heating up!

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  • hot off the press – very recent, as in a news story
    Did you hear the news about that actress? It’s hot off the press.
  • to be in hot water – to be in a lot of trouble
    If you take my lunch from the fridge, you will be in hot water.
  • to be fired up – to be very excited
    He is fired up about his new job. The pay is good and he gets to travel.
  • to play with fire – to get into a dangerous situation
    Are you driving without a license? You are playing with fire – you could go to jail!
  • to be on fire – to be very successful
    I made A’s on all of my exams. I am on fire this term!
  • to light a fire under someone – to pressure someone to work quickly
    Beth had to light a fire under her students to them turn in their essays.

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