Things can get interesting in a conversation class when you have diverse, enthusiastic students involved, especially in our advanced conversation classes (level 5 and 6). At level 5, our students will talk about a variety of challenging topics, most of which are generated by them. Occasionally, our students work in groups and generate a list of questions to spark deeper discussion. In our January/February 2012 term, our conversation 5 class divided into two groups and each came up with their own lists of thought provoking questions on the topic of male/female relationships and they were happy to share those questions on our blog. Those questions are below! Enjoy and feel free to use them for your own discussions!

Group One
1. Who is responsible for housework? – cooking? cleaning? washing clothes? shopping? repairing (fixing)?
2. Who is responsible for children?
3. Who should control the home? Protect it?
4. Who should manage the money?
5. Who should make the most crucial decisions? Who should have the final say?
6. What is the difference between how men and women think?
7. What are the top three things that men and women talk about when they are together with their same gender?
8. Who can get a higher salary?
9. Can a woman ask a man out? Can she propose?
10. What is the first promise that women ask for?
11. What is the first promise that men ask for?
12. What is the best way to punish a woman/man?
13. What is the best way to keep the house quiet—without fighting—at peace?
14. What is the best reason to marry a woman? A man?
15. Is it better to be single or married?
16. What do you think about arranged marriage?

Group Two
1. Which is better? Monogamy? Polygamy?
2. Describe relationships between men and women before and after they get married.
3. What are “good” relationships? What are “bad” relationships?
4. Is it possible to have a best friend of the opposite gender?
5. What are the most common stereotypes? Consider jobs, manners, actions in society, leadership, etc.
6. Consider your opinion about homosexuality. Explain your opinion.
7. Do you think we have to work to win the same rights for men and women?
8. If you could change your gender, would you? Why or why not?
9. What are gender characteristics that you believe or propagate within yourself? For example, if I’m a man, why can’t I cry?