Our students often ask us for additional ways to practice their English in addition to the many opportunities we have for them at our school. Here we want to share three online listening resources that we have found. In this blog you will find the website URLs and a brief description of what you will find on the site. Just click on each web address to open a new page to explore the sites yourself.

www.esl-lab.com. The Cyber Listening Lab has many “General Listening Quizzes” divided into groups labeled Easy, Medium, and Difficult. Each quiz has five parts: 1. A Pre-Listening Exercise with questions for you to think about or discuss and a helpful hint related to the topic, 2. A Listening Exercise with a short conversation and multiple choice questions, 3. Vocabulary Activities of many kinds that allow you to practice new vocabulary from the listening activity, 4. Follow-up Activities that usually consist of questions you can discuss with other people about the same topic, and 5. An Online Investigation project that gives you a task that asks you to use the internet to explore something related to the topic.

http://learningenglish.voanews.com. This site presents many stories and news pieces which are read in a slower than normal pace to aid comprehension. Full scripts are available to follow as you listen or to read separately. Simply click on any story that looks interesting and you will be taken directly to a full script. The left side of the webpage will have MULTIMEDIA header where you can click “Listen” to hear the story read to you. Some stories also include additional links related to the topic.

international.ouc.bc.ca/takako/index.html This interesting website tells the story of Takako, a student who travels in Canada. The story is given in 10 episodes. Each episode has a script to read while you listen. Words that are more difficult can be clicked on to see a short definition while you listen. Each episode also has vocabulary exercises as well as comprehension and inference questions to practice with.

There are many resources on the Internet to practice with and we hope that these three will be a great way to get you started. Enjoy!