The Halloween Party was one of Lei’s favorite activities at IEI.

Lei He (贺磊) is from the city of Yingkou in the Chinese province of Liaoning. Thirteen months ago, Lei came to Nashville, TN to study English at the International English Institute.  His goal was to improve his English in order to attend an American university to study for a master’s degree.

During his time in Nashville, Lei has been living with his uncle who has been in the United States for over twenty years.  When asked where you could find good authentic Chinese food in Nashville, he replied, “At my uncle’s house!” In his free time, Lei’s hobbies include sleeping, reading comic books and watching movies. He also enjoys the many outlet stores in the Nashville area for cheap shopping.

When Lei first came to IEI, he was enrolled in level 3 and 4 classes.  In the past thirteen months, Lei feels his listening and speaking has improved the most. Lei is currently enrolled in his last term of classes at IEI.  He is in level 6 classes in reading, listening and conversation and has already completed level 6 in both grammar and writing. In September, he plans on attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. He will be studying to achieve a master’s degree in animation.

An example of Lei’s artwork.

Lei’s favorite class at IEI is grammar, because “it is easier than the others.”  His least favorite class is conversation because he is afraid of public speaking and often gets choked up and nervous while talking to groups of people in English.  However, I found Lei was an excellent conversationalist during my brief interview with him!

One of Lei’s favorite activities at IEI was the Halloween party. Although he didn’t participate by dressing up in costume with some of the other students and staff, he did really enjoy the American tradition of carving pumpkins. Lei’s creativity and artistic ability showed in the jack-o-lantern he created.

In closing, Lei’s advice to new students at IEI is, “Do your homework!” Certainly, all of the teachers at the International English Institute would agree.

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