From time to time we like to introduce our teachers to you.  We hope that you will get to know our teachers, since they are an extension of the school.


Mr. Jonathan Murray 


Jonathan came to the International English Institute in August of 2012 with a lot of energy and fresh ideas. Before working at IEI, Jonathan worked with international students at Nashville State Community College. He landed at IEI because of the very special environment. “It’s like a great big family,” he said. It is not uncommon for teachers to keep a special eye on students and reach out to them personally when they are showing signs of fatigue or homesickness.  The small class sizes, which have on average eight students, are a big draw for teachers and students.  Jonathan also feels that the support he receives at IEI is unlike anything else!

Most people who become professionals in the field of English as a Second Language have a few things in common. When asked why he chose ESL as a career, Jonathan, like many others, attributed his decision to his love of new cultures, languages and words.  So, what makes an ESL professional a teacher? According to Jonathan, it is the special feeling he receives when a student “gets it.” Jonathan expressed about the moment of acquisition, “It’s quite a special moment when their brain ‘clicks’ and they understand.”


Like the students at IEI, Jonathan has lived through the stress of being away from home.  He studied and taught in Mexico and Colombia. That experience, he believes, has made him a more patient and creative teacher. Having been away from home, friends and family gave him a special awareness of the feelings his students are probably having.  This perspective is something that is very common among IEI faculty and staff. Most of the instructors at IEI have studied, lived, and worked in other countries.

Jonathan has lived in Middle Tennessee for thirty-one years.  There are many reasons he loves this area.  Nashville is a very diverse city, with immigrants, refugees, and students from all over the world.  Jonathan also enjoys going to see live music in Nashville, known as Music City. You can always find aspiring country singers performing on Broadway and quality independent bands at many small venues all over the city.  A lover of good food, Jonathan appreciates the variety of wonderful independent restaurants in Nashville.


I hope you have the chance to meet Jonathan and experience for yourself the IEI difference!

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