In this blog, we like to share the day-to-day creativity of our students and staff. From the Writing 4 classroom and the mind of teacher Beth Thomas:

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Read the perspective of an inanimate object (an object that doesn’t move or think on its own) by these talented W4 students, and see if you can guess what it is!  Then, check your answers at the bottom.


Oh…finally some relief.  My user is always pressing on me and touching me, sometimes smiling at me and laughing.  He cannot live without me.  He comes to me in all cases, when he feels frustrated, happy, sad.  He just can’t do anything without me.  I love my user.


I have a beautiful day because today is the last day in school.  However, I will tell you about what I see every day in school.  Some days I feel very happy because I see different students.  Sometimes I feel lonely and I feel I am unhappy because I can’t hear anyone and don’t have any activities and I feel bored.  So I will miss all the students in this school and have a good weekend.


Somebody can’t live without me.  They found that I am very necessary for their life.  I can help them to make everything clear or help them if they are reading books and writing.  I am very helpful.  I consist of two parts, the first part is made of steel and the other one is made of glass.  The cost for me is very cheap; you can buy me from a special location by authority from an experienced person.  He’ll give you a prescription.  You can use me every time, but you can’t sue me when you go to your bed for sleeping.  Do you know who I am?


Usually, I always have a great day.  I get to travel to unique places every day.  That’s because I live and work at the Intl. English Institute, so my journey takes me through many books, over essay after essay, and into incredible articles.  I learn something every time I’m used.

The benefits are innumerable.  I learn cultures, customs, traditions, and about fascinating students.  Beth uses me to write many smiley faces, even though my color can be alarming.

Sometimes, however, I have to bear bad news.  I show everyone their mistake, but I try to be helpful.  Students can learn from me if they pay attention.

In the end, I’m very useful.  I try to be positive and hopeful every place I go.


I’m the most important in the life.  Humans could not do anything without me.  But some of them respect me and some of them don’t.  Even people who don’t respect me couldn’t do anything without me.  I have many shapes and colors.  You could find me anywh

ere.  People always monitor my movements.  I move forward; I don’t go back no matter what the reason.  Your way to success is respecting me.


Sometimes I’m cold when I’m in a refrigerator but I feel relief because nobody drinks me.  I will survive if I have been in a bottle.  I’m scared when I see people come next to the refrigerator.  I see them when they take something and seem e and think if they take me or not.  One day, someone bought me and was drinking but I thank my God because I still survived where still few that haven’t finished.  But now, I am on the ground.  A lot of people are walking next to me and I am hearing what they say.  If you want to meet me, I will wait for you on the street that’s in front of IEI.


Abdulaziz: Blackberry

Abdullah: classroom

Ahmed: eye glasses

Beth: red pen

Hatem: time / watch

Khalid: soda