Since this upcoming Friday (February 14th) is Valentine’s Day, we present you with a fun way to practice your English vocabulary: six-word love stories. Valentine’s Day is a holiday when people show how much they care for their loved ones (not only their ‘significant other,’ but also their friends, family members and even their pets!). It is celebrated in several countries around the world in different ways. In the United States, people often use this day to exchange gifts, such as chocolates, and cards with fun or romantic messages inside.

Six-word stories have become a way of showing how even a few words, carefully chosen, can create meaning. A famous example is the Ernest Hemingway: “For sale:baby shoes, never worn.” Here are a few more examples:

I used to be a billionaire. – Anonymous

70 years, few tears, hairy ears. – Bill Querengesser

Four legged. Rescued her. Forever grateful. – David Trager

Can you create your own, based around the theme of love? Share your six-word story with us in the comments below. Then share it with others in your Valentine’s Day cards!