Written By: Erin

In the early morning of Wednesday October 8th, there will be a Total “Blood Moon” Eclipse taking place. This is a pretty rare phenomenon in astrology, and is actually the second in a tetrad (series of 4), with the 3rd one occurring in April 2015. The entire event with begin around 3:15 AM Central Time (CDT) and finishing around 6:42 AM Central Time (CDT).

However, if you don’t want to stay up watching for the entire night, the total eclipse part of the event will take place around 3:25 AM Central Time (CDT) and will end at approximately 4:25 AM (CDT). The event will be broadcasted online via two webcasts from NASA and the Slooh Community Observatory. Read the link below for more information. Don’t miss this exciting and rare event tonight!

Blood Moon Tetrad

How to Watch the October 2014 ‘Blood Moon’ Total Lunar Eclipse.