A pic for the IEI

In above picture: Rikuhei Daimon (right), wife, and child

Rikuhei Daimon from Japan studied at IEI during the July/August term of 2010 to improve his English skills, then continued on to pursue a Master’s degree at Vanderbilt University.

He was kind enough to write a testimonial about his experience during his term studying at IEI, which can be found below in both English and Japanese. Thank you Rikuhei, and congratulations!

In English:

“I strongly recommend you to become a member of IEI family!

There are three reasons what I say.

First, IEI’s mission is totally different from other language institute. Do you know its mission? IEI’s mission are not only teaching English, but also loving students in a friendly atmosphere and help them to become like a bridge between cultures. In order to be realized this mission, IEI conscientiously takes care of all students, such as lodging hosts, transportation, a circle of friends. When I first came to Nashville, I had no idea how to arrange for a new life with my family (wife and 8 months baby). Allison, the CEO, gave us a lot of advice and support to set up. We never forget her kindness. Before coming to the US, I looked for several English language institute to go, all of them except the IEI seemed to pursue just profit and were not interested in caring of students out of school.

Second, IEI’s primary service is excellent; a curriculum is very rational, effective, and keeps high quality; teachers are so polite and attentive to detail; participant of each class are decided by means of the result of classification tests which students have to take in the beginning of each term, and students can enjoy class with students whose level are the same. After going to the IEI, I took master’s degree program of one famous university and also took a class of English language institute of this university. I was satisfied with the master’s degree program, however I thought that the IEI’s service quality were much better than this one.

Finally, the fee of the IEI is very reasonable. If you have a plan to go to this kind of institute, please compare. You must perceive that the IEI is very reasonable compared to others. IEI’s class term is around 35 days including events. However, the total service level is very high. Which do you decide, high price-low level or reasonable-high quality? It goes without saying!

There may be expectant students who think that “where is Nashville? This city must be a rural district and boring.” Your thought is misunderstanding. There are a lot of fun [things to do], like music, entertainment, international foods, outdoor sports, etc. In addition, security level is relatively good. If there are parents who plan to let children study abroad, IEI is the best choice in terms of security and total service.

I’m waiting for your joining our IEI!”

In Japanese: