10258781_10152006949740887_181667039544506501_n Anne-Claire “AC” Floquet has been a student at IEI for about 1 year. Sadly, this was her last term, so we asked her if she would write about her experience here at IEI and about any advice she would give to others who were thinking about coming to the U.S. to study English. She was in writing level 6 this past term, and her writing skills are very well-rounded – but don’t take our word for it! Read her post and decide for yourself!

We hope you enjoy her words of wisdom! We will miss you AC!

1. What would you tell someone still in his/her country considering studying English in the US?

Get off the ground

All the people are always seeking the best way to learn the English language quickly and effectively! In my experience, I recommend moving to the United States because it is easier to acquire a language of a country when you are in complete immersion in this country. The English language is the passport to the international’s employment.

Take the bull by the horns

When you arrive in an American city, you have to adapt yourself to live in the new environment. It is an excellent opportunity to get and understand the Americans’ culture but also to meet native and other international people. Moreover, it is always more enjoyable and helpful to know the culture when you try to learn the language! For this reason, you have to face your daily life even if your English skills are not adequate and perfect. Furthermore, you should explain your needs mainly to be understood by the native people. In this case you go out of your comfort zone and you grasp the fundamentals of English easily because you live these life experiences that are real situations.

A change is as good as a rest

The other advantage to study abroad is to open your mind by traveling, meeting people, and discovering a variety of cultures. You will always grow your spirit and you will never be the same.

2. What would you tell someone considering studying English at IEI?

IEI does nothing by halves

International English Institute allows people to learn the basis of the English language. The program is divided into 5 classes: writing, listening, conversation, reading and grammar, which are classified by levels from 1 until 6. This system is very efficient because the student can evolve at his own rhythm with the other students who have the same level like him. This school is not far away from downtown Nashville and you have access to it by the bus.

Relationship is love with understanding

International English Institute is a small school which reflects a family because the staff and the teachers always try to be available to help you, and also, they keep smiling all the time which is very appreciable when you are a foreign student.

Melting pot

International English Institute (IEI) attempts to arrange many activities like international lunch, birthday party, and some seasonal animations to push the students to meet the others and also to improve their English skills by speaking together. All the students of IEI are from different countries so the students are able to speak with international people but also to explore other cultures.

3. What should new students bring with them or leave at home?

Push one’s luck

The new students who want to study abroad should have a real desire to learn English because it encourages them to stay motivated during their studies. Motivation is the key to success for learning a new language but also allows them to transcend limits, so don’t be lazy about yourself!

Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade

As I mentioned previously, sometimes it is hard to adapt yourself in a new country so the foreign students should have the ambition to be open minded to the world. Moreover, they should leave at home their native language and their friends and family to live this overseas experience, but I suggest to the new students to stay in touch to chase the blues away and feel better.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Frequently students are excited about this trip because they will discover various things quickly but often after a couple of months, they take a backward step and their mood alters. This feeling which is a part of the adaptation process is completely normal, so no worries! However, it is essential to not be shy about it and share your bad or good feelings with the other people who are close to you because they can support you and change your mind.

Floquet, AC

Anne-Claire Floquet from France has been a student of IEI for one year. She graduated with Master’s degrees in Communication Marketing and Sales in Paris. Her goals for studying at International English Institute have been to grasp the English language and soak up American culture to work in the international market.