307456_10151225243580887_150875021_nAs IEI students settle into the second week of the term, it’s a good time to learn idioms related to study and the classroom. How many can you figure out from context (the sentences around them)? Think about the bold idiom in each sentence below, and then check your answers below. We bet that you can go to the head of the class!





  1. She is the teacher’s pet. The teacher always praises her work and ignores the rest of us.
  2. I forgot a lot of what I learned in Grammar 4 over the holiday break. I need to brush up on it before I start Grammar 5.
  3. When he made an effort to talk to Americans every day, his speaking improved so much that he went to the head of the class.
  4. He is definitely the class clown; he even makes the teacher laugh.
  5. My parents expect me to do well in my classes, so I really have to make the grade this term.
  6. I pulled an all-nighter and finally finished my essay at 5:00 a.m. I need some coffee!
  7. He always has his nose in a book because he is eager to learn.
  8. I have a big test tomorrow; it’s time to hit the books.
  9. The listening test was easy for her; she passed with flying colors.
  10. I cut class today because I hadn’t finished my homework, but my teacher saw me later in the parking lot. Uh oh!


  1. teacher’s pet – the teacher’s favorite student (used as a mild insult by classmates)
  2. to brush up on something – to review something
  3. to go to the head of the class – to earn the best grades in a class
  4. class clown – a student who constantly makes jokes during class
  5. to make the grade – to succeed; to reach a high standard
  6. to pull an all-nighter – to stay up all night to finish an assignment
  7. to have one’s nose in a book – to read constantly
  8. to hit the books – to study hard
  9. to pass with flying colors – to make a high score easily
  10. to cut class – to skip class in a way that is against the rules