It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a holiday celebrating love. Do you know these idioms for talking about love and relationships? Guess the meaning of the bold words before you check the answer key below.


  1. When he met his future wife, he fell head over heels for her. His feelings for her were strong.
  2. I have a crush on a cute guy who sits at my table in the reading lab, but I’m too nervous to talk to him.
  3. She had a blind date last night with her sister’s co-worker, but I don’t know if she liked him or not.
  4. Let’s have a double date tomorrow night; we can go out for dinner with our boyfriends and have a nice time together.
  5. I’d like to fix you up with my cousin; you two have a lot in common.
  6. I broke up with him because he forgot my birthday. What a terrible boyfriend!
  7. You’re a really nice guy, but I think we should see other people. I don’t think we have a future together.
  8. He’s going to pop the question tonight while they are walking in Centennial Park. I’ve seen the diamond ring he bought.
  9. She and Tom are tying the knot in April. Did you get an invitation?




To be/fall head over heels = To be or fall deeply in love
To have a crush on someone = To have a strong, almost obsessive romantic interest in someone; usually that person is not aware of your feelings
Blind date = a date with someone you have never met, usually arranged by a mutual friend
Double date = a date with two couples
To fix/set someone up (with someone) = to introduce two people who might be a god romantic match
To break up = to end a romantic relationship
To see other people = to no longer date only each other; often a “gentle” way to break up
To pop the question = to ask someone to marry you
To tie the knot = to get married