(Last week, we shared student writing from levels 1, 2, and 3. Today, Writing 4 student Abdelaziz from Saudi Arabia shares his essay on education in the U.S. and his home country. Read more student writing from the January/February term in the latest issue of The Globe.)

In 1945, after the second World War, Japan’s scientists thought to put a good plan for their people. All countries want to be the best with education because education is very important for people. All countries want to be the best with education because if any country focuses on the education, it will be the best country. Also, the more children study, the more intelligent they become due to the fact that they will have a lot of knowledge. Education systems around the world differ greatly. There are many differences between schools in my country and in the U.S. such as the quality of teachers, the educational environment, and the programs of study.

First, teachers are very important in the education process, because they will make good students or bad students. In Arabic culture, we have a good wisdom. It is “If someone lost something, he can’t give it to you”. Like teachers, if they are good teachers or they have high experience, they will make good students. In my opinion, teachers have to have good experience and high education. In my country, all people who want to be a teacher have to study for four years in the college, and they have to practice for three or four months. After that, they must take an exam before they teach, and then they can be teacher. In the U.S., I think it has the same rules. However, there is one thing different. Teachers in the U.S. can be women or men and all of them can teach girls and boys. Moreover, Saudi Arabia takes the system of United States. However, the big problem is when they do the system.

Second, the educational environment is different. It is necessary that countries care about making a good educational environment. In my country, we have a bad educational environment! There are some schools that have been teaching their students in a house building and some classes that were in a bathroom before they changed them to be class rooms. We do not have a smart board or anything to improve the education. On the other hand, if someone studies in the U.S., he will study in a good educational environment because the U.S. believes that if it wants to improve its education, it has to focus on the educational environment. For example, it built a good building to make studying easy for its students. Also, it uses technology. For example, students can use a computer in the computer lab, and they have some classes with a smart board.

Finally, there are many scientists who studied every age of a person, and they arrived to the conclusion that for every age that a person lives in, it has different needs. As a result, they put good study programs that suit every age of a person. Furthermore, both Saudi Arabia and U.S. takes the theories’ of scientists, but the big problem is who does that and how the quality of the work is. In addition, who is doing that very perfectly. On the other hand, who does not care about doing the theories very well like my country.

In conclusion, if any developing country wants to be an advanced country, it has to work hard to improve its school. Specifically, they have to look at the quality of teachers, educational environment, and study programs. In my opinion, the U.S. is better than Saudi Arabia with interest in the quality of education. This is why I am here.