Like so many other students, Haifa Aldawood and Bandar Alangari heard about IEI through friends who had studied with us in the past. The couple came to Nashville from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in August 2014 and studied until last December.

“The staff were great and available anytime,” recalls Bandar. “Many people made us feel confident and comfortable at IEI,” says Haifa. “Duane always supported us. He also encouraged us to take a breath when we felt stress,” advice that both still follow today.

They also fondly remembers Elise, who helped Haifa prepare for the IELTS speaking section. “We won’t forget our wonderful teachers,” Haifa says.

Today, Bandar and Haifa are living in Baltimore, Maryland, in the northeastern region of the U.S. Bandar is continuing to improve his English and looks forward to studying auto mechanics so that he can start his own business when they return to Saudi Arabia. Haifa is working on her master’s degree in accounting at Morgan State University. She will return to teaching accounting in her home country after finishing her degree.

We wish these two excellent students great success as they use their English proficiency to enhance their careers and their lives.