At the end of each term, we collect the best work of IEI writing students in The Globe. Over the next several days, we’ll feature a paragraph, essay, or research paper from each of the six levels here on the blog. Today, we start with work from this term’s level two and three students. Check out the entire March/April issue of The Globe to see writing from all of our students.


My Favorite Holiday

By Lihuo “Jacky” Chen, China, Writing 2

I am from China. We have a lot of holidays there. My favorite Chinese holiday is Mid-mooncakesAutumn Day.

Mid-Autumn Day is on August 15th of every year. On that day, Chinese people like to put on red costumes and cook mooncakes. Mooncakes are Chinese food. We like to eat a lot of mooncakes on that day. There are many customs for Mid-Autumn Day in China. For example, we observe the full moon, hang lanterns, discuss riddles, and worship.


In conclusion, Mid-Autumn Day is my favorite holiday, because on that day I can eat delicious mooncakes!


By Sara Valenzuela, Colombia, Writing 3

I think that it is very important to make friends from all over the world because we should always learn about their cultures, personality, technology, education, etc. Then we will have more experience and knowledge.

IMG_6065.JPGWhen we meet people sometimes we like them, but sometimes we don’t like someone because we are not the same and we don’t think the same. So, we should be friendly, quiet, honest, and know another’s qualities, for then we can have a good relationship.

For example, in this moment I’m studying at IEI. We are many people from many different countries, and I like to make friends from Saudi Arabia – they are Nahima, Nada, and Khaled. Qingzhi is from China, and Hana is from Japan. We are studying together in grammar, writing, and conversation class, but it is a little complicated with our languages. When we are experts and finish the year we can understand more about each other.

My best friend at IEI is Yury. She is very smart, a hard worker, and a mother. Her family is very beautiful because I met her husband. But I haven’t met her children yet. We understand a lot when we do our homework and talk. They are from El Salvador.

In conclusion, I advise you to look for more friends and learn about them. I need to talk and express myself more because I am shy. That is not good. “Oh!” We should keep making friends at our school. Friends are from Brazil, USA, and Argentina and they can talk about their experiences.