Today, we’re featuring a short essay from one of our Writing 4 students, Michelle Wang. See more of our March/April 2016 student writing here.

It is so miraculous when people have their own children in life. Two or three generations can get more happiness than a single generation in lifetime. However, every generation has their characteristics and individuality. There are several similarities and differences between grand parents and children.

There are many similarities between grand parents and children. They have the same idea about family: Love. Like grandparents love parents, parent love children and children also love grandparents and parents too. They love every person in the family and always help to each other. Likewise, the other same idea is teach us how to be a good person. For example, grandparents taught parents to be honest and brave, working hard to study in school when they are young. Parents also to teach children the same things. This is a perfect way to grow up to be a good person, and it is benefit of human development.

There are also differences between grandparents and children. Most grandparents go to sleep early, but children always sleep late. On the other hand, grandparents never use a computer, children like to use all technology, like iPad. Additionally, grandparents like to save money by cooking at home, but children prefer to go out have lunch or dinner or traveling on the vacation. It is a different custom of each generation.

The similarities and differences such as same ideas and different habits between grandparents and children are numerous. They are changing so fast with the human culture and people’s thought. However, it doesn’t matter what are differences between different generations because they are a family and love each other forever.