Here’s an essay from Writing 5 student Faris Alharbi from Saudi Arabia. We’ve also shared other student work from the March/April 2016 term here and here. Check out The Globe for the best writing from all of our students.

Would most people rather work for themselves or work for public places? People have different opinions. Some of them like to be hired for a job. Others like to make their own business. Some studies say that people who work for themselves are more successful in their lives than who work for public place.

Making your own business is mandatory to start our real life. We should think about what the best is to begin our lives by choosing a good beginning of our lives. One reason to own a small business is the ability to direct the culture of your company (Inc). For example, my brother used to work for public place so he didn’t have that much money to start his life very well. He had thought about making small business but he was scared. My father encouraged him to make his business than he opened the small business. As a result, he now has a good company. Furthermore, he helps my family in order to have a great life.

Having your own business means that you can control your own destiny and you are able to make a decision. When you work for public place, you are not able to choose whom you work with. On the other side, when you own your business you can hire or fire whomever you want. For Example, let us imagine that there is guy who is name is Jason. Jason is genius and creative. However, he does not have his own business how can he take advantage of his intelligence. On the other hands, if he has his own business, he will be able to make his decision and implement his ideas.

We also can choose the people work with. When we own our business that we are able to choose people, if we do not like to work with some people, we could choose others. We are in charge

All in all, people who own their own business are successful and they are responsible. Furthermore, they can make their life right. People who have their own business, can risky in their business. Sometimes we might lose our business once; on otherwise we earn more. in business ‘life you are looking forward to losing any time. However, after you lose first time that you won`t do the same mistake again, which is the lesson, will make you more successful.

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