Today we’re sharing one final student essay from the March/April 2016 term. Writing 6 student Mohammad Alajmi from Saudi Arabia examines types of privilege in the United States. You can see more student work in previous posts here, here, and here, or check out the entire March/April 2016 edition of The Globe for work from all of our students.

In life we have our privileges in one way or another. Nonetheless, in the United States many people have different privileges which set them apart. Those privileges are many; the most popular are the following: color, religion and lifestyle choices.

First of all, many people have suffered from racial issues because of their skin color. For instance, back in late 2014 or 2015 many have gotten enraged because of police officer brutality in Baltimore. An officer killed a black man for a less serious cause or offense. Had Freddie Gray not suffered grave injuries and then death, many riots and strikes would not have taken place against police judgment. Therefore, you shouldn’t act or feel superior based on your race or color.

Also, most Americans have religious beliefs. While there are also many people who have many religious beliefs, the majority is Christian and that means most citizens have tolerance toward Christianity. That means they may not follow or consider other religious beliefs. Therefore, if you are Christian and American as well, you have certain kinds of trust and privilege that no one else has.

In addition, in America, lifestyle choices have its own weight by trivial factors such as clothes and vacation destinations and even cars! This is because some people have the privilege to spend their vacation in DC and Virginia while others go to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In the meantime, a lot of people plan their vacation by wandering around their home state. What does that indicate?! It tells a little story about the capability of the majority of American people while they are living in the States. Also, many people can afford North Face brand while others go to Ross. Moreover, this can be a huge factor in deciding people’s personality and ethics. Many people care about the car too much to the extent that they buy the most expensive model. Conversely, others consider the car a mere way or medium for transportation.

In summary, the privileges in the U.S. may differ from one person to another. However, the major privileges are three as the following: race or certain family background that may seem far superior than others, religion with deference to Christianity, and lifestyle choices which means differences in life standards among people. Therefore, the privileges can vary from one person to another.