Happy Friday! Each Friday, we’re sharing five of the best articles and resources we found this week for English learners.

The Education Report: Tips for Writing a Great College Paper

This one of many videos from Voice of America’s Learning English team. The reporter speaks more slowly than usual, so it’s great listening practice for beginning students.

English for Business and Entrepreneurship

Do you dream of having your own business? (Some of our students do!) This is a free course from U.S. Department of State and the University of Pennsylvania. It will give you English skills to write a business plan, create a marketing strategy and more!

What to Say When You Get Unwanted Attention

Are you a female student who wants to know what to say in English when a man is bothering you? Lucy at ESL Podcast has some tips for you.

70 Idioms with Heart

Who doesn’t love an idiom list? (We do!) These 70 idioms from Daily Writing Tips will help you put your heart into your writing.

Commas Save Lives


Image via Grammar Gossip

Finally, here’s a little grammar humor to start your weekend.