Moataz Ramadani came to IEI in 2011 from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He followed in the footsteps of his brother, Yazeed, also an alumni of IEI. Moataz quickly understood why his brother had recommended the school.

“My favorite memory was when we went rafting on one of the trips with IEI,” says Moataz. “I liked that trip from the very beginning to the very end.”

Studying English was more than fun and games, though. After eight months of English study, he enrolled in the University of Central Oklahoma. He credits the instruction he received at IEI for his success in his undergraduate courses.

“I cannot count how many times I benefited from my experience in IEI. For a while, I did not appreciate the countless homework and assignments given to us,” he recalls. “However, once I got to college English composition, I was surprised by how easy it was just because IEI’s preparation was challenging.”

Moataz’s hard work is paying off. He earned a perfect GPA (grade point average) of 4.0 during five of his semesters at UCO. Now he has graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. Plus, his department named him the Outstanding Graduating Biomedical Engineering Major for having the highest cumulative GPA in his degree program.

What’s next for this high achiever? “I will work for about a year to gain some on-the-field experience,” he says. “Then I will pursue a master’s degree, probably in Electrical Engineering.”

We can’t wait to see where Moataz’s hard work and determination will take him next!