Hello, June! Summer is arriving in Nashville; how’s the weather where you are?

Here are some of the most useful articles, videos, and more that we found for you this week. Let us know int he comments which is your favorite. Have a great weekend!

Get It vs. Got It

get it got it
Image via Grammarly

These two conversational phrases are similar, but not exactly the same. Grammarly explains the proper situations for using each one.

Apostrophes Grammar Lesson

Image via Grammar.net

In additional to this infographic, Grammar.net gives plenty of examples of when to use apostrophes and when to leave them out.

5 Ways to Combine Sentences

Have you ever been told that your writing is too choppy or that your sentences are too simple? Mark at Daily Writing Tips leads you through five ways to combine sentences and make your writing flow.

101 Tips to Improve Your Writing Today

Image via Write to Done

The title says it all! Mary writes for native English speakers, but her advice is easy to understand and full of good information for English learners.

How many words are there in the English language?

It’s a good question, and as Ashley from Oxford Dictionaries explains, it doesn’t have any easy answer.