Welcome to this Friday’s review of the best resources for English learners!

Why do people think summer studying is a good idea?

image via Grammar.net

Are you out of class for the summer? This English teacher lists some reasons why you should keep improving your English during your vacation and some fun ways to do so.

Improve Your English By Using Common Objects

voa screenshot.jpg
Screenshot from VOA Learning English

A new video from VOA Learning English has some clever suggestions to improve your pronunciation with a pencil, a piece of candy, and a mirror

Than Vs. Then

than then
image via Grammarly

Grammarly gives a simple explanation (with examples) of when to use these commonly confused words.

How to Write Your Way to Success


image via Write to Done

This huge infographic (click to see the whole thing) from Write to Done is full of great tips for writing faster, finding inspiration, developing good writing habits, and finding great tools to help you.

Internet Initialisms

FWIW, this post from Maeve at Daily Writing Tips defines some of the common acronyms you’ll find on the Internet. HTH!