TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) to all of you! Here are some helpful posts we discovered this week for our students. Enjoy!

5 Tips to Improve Listening Comprehension Skills

Rachel from Rachel’s English has some great ideas to help you understand more when you listen to English.

OK vs. Okay

image via Grammarly

Have you ever wondered which way is the correct way to write this common English word? Shundalyn Allen at Grammarly explains OK’s unusual origin and how to use it.

Names for food in British and American English

image via Oxford Dictionaries

Eggplant or aubergine? Zucchini or courgette? Simon Thomas examines the delicious differences between British and American vocabulary at Oxford Dictionaries.

You’re a Grand Old Flag!


image via ESL Podcast


June 14 was Flag Day, an American holiday to honor the “red, white, and blue”. Learn a little flag history and some new vocabulary in this post from Jeff at ESL Podcast.

Environmental Vocabulary for English Learners

image via

Learn lots of new vocabulary from to help you talk or write about the environment, from oil spills to endangered species.