It’s the first Friday of summer here in Nashville! Enjoy these hand-picked links to useful articles, blog posts, and videos for students of English.

Greetings & Closings for Formal Email Messages in English

Emails to your professor or boss should be different from emails to your friends. In this final part of a series on sending email in English, Jennifer of English with Jennifer points out important features of a formal email message.

Surprise, surprise!

image via Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Learn several phrases and idioms related to surprises from Kate at Cambridge Dictionaries Online.

How to Use Whose

image via Grammarly

Who’s confused about whose? Alice at Grammarly will sort it out for you.

Expat, migrant, refugee: how do we talk about people who leave their home country?

image via Oxford Dictionaries

Learn the important differences between these words and the situations of the people that they describe. Tanja Cranz at Oxford Dictionaries explains it all.

The words you need to know before skateboarding

image via Oxford Dictionaries

We couldn’t pick just one post from the Oxford Dictionaries blog this week! This lighter post from Simon Horobin reviews the meanings and backgrounds of basic skateboarding terms.