It’s another hot, hot Friday in Tennessee! Read on for the hottest English learning links we found this week.

Where do people use phrasal verbs?


Do phrasal verbs give you trouble? This long list of practice exercises also includes a couple of infographics to help you remember these tricky verbs.

45 Idioms About Ordinal and Multiplicative Numbers


Ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.) and multiplicative numbers (once, twice, etc.) appear in many English idioms. You won’t have any second thoughts about learning a few of these!

3 tips for sounding like a native speaker

Adam offers advice on native English pronunciation habits such as connecting words in speech. This video should also help your listening comprehension of conversational English.

What’s the Origin of the Dog Days?

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Have you ever heard of the dog days of summer? explains the origin of this name for the hottest part of the summer.

Expressing Enthusiasm or Joy

jump excitement

Learn a few useful phrases to express your excitement!