Is the Pokémon Go server down again? If you can’t catch ’em all right now, take some time to check out some of the best English practice and information from around the Internet this week.

Pokémon Go is the next big thing

Image via Meritt Thomas

Practice your listening skills with this news story about Pokémon Go. You can listen at different speeds depending on your English level. Also, you can practice grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and more with the same story.

Show International Experience When Applying to Business School

image via U.S. News & World Report

This blog post about the importance of international work, travel, and study written for Americans students who are applying to MBA programs. However, international students could definitely use this advice to highlight their own experiences on a university application.

English words of French origin and how to pronounce them

image via Oxford Dictionaries

One reason English vocabulary can be confusing is that many English words are borrowed from other languages. This post from Oxford Dictionaries defines and offers pronunciation videos for several French loanwords.

Writing Quiz #1: Wordiness

words words.jpg

Advanced English students often need to learn not to use lots of words when a few words are clearer. Practice writing concise sentences with these exercises.

Words that are not what they seem

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Learn and practice with some English words that even native speakers often misuse.