Have you found any useful articles, exercises, or advice this week about learning English? We have! Here are our five favorites for the week.

Are Emojis Language?

image via Grammarly

Are emojis just pictures? Or are they actually a form of language? This post explores both sides of the issue.

Trump employee apologizes for plagiarizing Michelle Obama speech

This week, a common word from our writing classes was all over the news: Plagiarism. Learn more about the controversial speech while you practice reading and vocabulary skills.

Is It Possible to Form Good Study Habits with an App?


There are many smartphone apps to help you develop new habits. This teacher shares some ideas about how to use apps to improve your English study habits.

Quiz: Twitter acronyms


image via Oxford Dictionaries

Test your knowledge of common English acronyms (abbreviations made from the first letter of each word in a phrase) from Twitter and other social media.

Article Use in English Quiz

a an the

You may remember our two-part series on a, an, and the (part 1; part 2). Now check your ability to use articles correctly.