The July/August 2016 term has ended, and as always, our students’ best writing is collected in The Globe. You can read the entire newsletter here. Today on the blog, we want to share two students’ work from our Writing 2 and Writing 3 classes. One explores the benefits and dangers of guns. The other tells the story of a family boating trip that almost turned into a disaster.

Do Guns Keep People Safe?

By Ahmed from Saudi Arabia

First, guns are good for good people because they know how to use guns correctly. Sometimes people use guns to kill someone or steal something from a store or someone’s car. Finally, guns are dangerous when they hurt other people.

Second, guns are very important for the police. A police officer knows how to use the guns and the police help people when somebody fights or steals from another person.

Third, when you go to the forest, you should have a gun, because it is very dangerous. The forest has a lot of animals; maybe you see an animal and you don’t have food. You need to kill this animal but how can you shoot this animal to eat it without a gun?

Finally, guns can be helpful and dangerous.

My Trip

By Dalal from Saudi Arabia

I will never forget July 7, 2015. On this day, we went to the lake in San Diego, California on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. That day was very difficult for me and my family.

At first, we went to the office to rent a boat. Then my husband rented a boat for us. The price was about $100. I was so happy when I went on the boat because this was the first time for me. At the time, my family and me talked with each other; it was fun and amazing.

But after three hours, suddenly the boat broke down. Me and my family were very scared. Then I asked my husband, “What happened?” He said, “I have no idea!!!” In this moment, the sun was about to set. We were very afraid. Then my husband said, “We should find a solution to stay alive!” Then I asked him, “What can we do now? We need some idea to save ourselves.”

After that, he said, “I have an idea.” I asked him, “What? Please do something to help us.” He said, “Okay, my idea is I want to swim to the office. But before I swim, I want to give some advice for you and our children.” I said, “Sure, what?” Then he said, “Please take care of yourself and our children.” I told him, “Don’t worry, but please hurry.” However, we waited and waited for him. I was afraid, and I felt he was very late.

An hour later, I saw my husband from far away. He came back with another boat to take us with him. When we saw him on the boat, we were very, very happy.

Finally, this was the most adventurous day for me and my family. The day we went to the lake was very hard for us. So I will never forget this day.