Last week, we introduced the July/August edition of IEI’s student writing collection, The Globe. We featured work from our Writing 2 and Writing 3 students. Today, we’re sharing an essay from Writing 4 student Tsutomu from Japan.

We have many friends through working or learning. However, friendship is not continued forever. There are three main causes of ending a friendship moving, disputes, and business.

First cause is a move. We sometimes have to move because of graduation or quitting the job, in spite of wanting to stay in the same area. If we move to a different area, we would not be able to meet them easily. Of course, we can use our mobile phones or e-mail, but it is difficult to tell them everything. As a consequence, a friendship is not continued.

Second cause is a dispute. We often talk with our friends, but we sometimes make our friends angry as a result of different opinions or cultures. For example, if we go to travel, someone would prepare everything before traveling. On the other hand, the other one would prepare nothing. As a result, they have a dispute. Generally, we make it up with our friends. However, we rarely can’t make it up with our friends. Hence, a friendship is ending.

The third cause is business. We have a lot of things to do in our life. We are always too busy. Also, we often precede the work or family. If we have a big business chance, we usually precede the business. Therefore, we often don’t contact our friends. Then, someone things that it is necessary to have friends. This is ending a friendship.

In conclusion, there are three main causes of ending a friendship: moving, disputes, and business. In contrast, we can’t live without help, so the friendship is an essential thing to live. I think that it is important to care about friends and not to get angry about small things in order to continue our friendships.