All English students need a general knowledge of English vocabulary to prepare for work or university study in an English-speaking country. (The New General Service List and New Academic Word List are great places to start; so is study at an intensive English program like IEI.)

For many specialized majors and careers, you also need to learn a set of special vocabulary. Here are resources to give you a head start on English vocabulary for special career fields.

Business English

Business English is the topic of many textbooks and courses. For a quick introduction, check out this list of 35 Terms to Enhance Your Business English Vocabulary.

Aviation English

Ready to go international with your aviation career? Aviation English: Flight instrument panel vocabulary exercise is part of a set of vocabulary pages for pilots and air traffic controllers from Blair English.

Engineering English

Engineers can expand their job opportunities by adding English skills to their toolkits. This extensive Engineering Vocabulary List from includes categories like dimensions, tools, metals, and more.

Hotel and Tourism English

The hospitality industry is always in need of multilingual employees to serve international customers. EnglishClub offers vocabulary lessons for both hotel staff and tour guides.

Medical English

Medical professionals can really increase their value if they can speak English. BusinessEnglishSite has a long list of vocabulary exercises for doctors, nurses, dentists, and biotechnology workers.