The September/October 2016 term has just ended, and IEI’s instructors are proud of all that their students have accomplished over the last seven weeks. We collect each writing student’s best work at the end of term in our student newsletter, The Globe. Check out a few examples of what our students have learned in Writing 1, Writing 2, and Writing 3.

My City

By Maram (Writing 1, Saudi Arabia)

My home city is Dammam, K.S.A. It is in the east of K.S.A. It is bigger than Khobar. It is smaller than Riyadh. In Dammam, there is a boardwalk by the ocean. There are fishermen. There is an oil factory. In my city right now, it is 6:10 p.m. on Tuesday. My father is staying with family after he finishes work, and my brother is playing PlayStation. In Dammam, some people are drinking coffee with their families. I love my city for it is quiet and beautiful.

My Favorite Vacation

By Wenxuan (Writing 2, China)

I remember that for last year’s summer vacation I go to travel to Hei Longjiang because my hometown is very hot. I wanted to swim at Happy Park, but nobody would accompany me, so I went to Hei Longjiang by myself. I flew and paid about 3,000 RMB for travel. It was only a 5-hour trip. First, I had to find my hotel so I could put down my bag, and then I went to Church Park for the afternoon. I bought some dinner, and the next day I went to the water park. It was very interesting and exciting, and I was very happy. I stayed until 6:00 pm when I went back to my hotel, tired but happy. I think this trip was a very good summer vacation.

My Best Friend, Faris

By Ahmed (Writing 3. Saudi Arabia)

I have a good friend his name is Faris. l like him because we do everything together and we have the same thinking in many things. In addition, we were born on the same day and the same city and we grew up together. I really miss him now and I’m so excited to go back to my country just because I want to see him.

He is smart because in many situations he has shown his intelligence to me. He is smart in mathematics and chemistry; when I don’t understand something in math, I always call him and ask him about it. One day we had a test for chemistry and before the test day I was busy and I didn’t study. When the test date arrived, I told Faris, “Hey Faris, I did not study yesterday and I need you to help me cheat and give me all the answers.” He said, “ok, I will”, and I got 98% on the test by virtue of Faris.

I like him too because he is friendly with people and he helps everybody without getting anything in return. Also, he is positive with everything and he never complains about the people or everything. Sometimes he makes me die from laughter because he is so funny and he loves to laugh like me. He is very good with sports, especially soccer, and we cheer for the same team. The name of the team is Al-ittehad—it’s the best team in my country.

In conclusion, I can’t live without Faris because when he is not with me, all the things and places do not seem at full beauty. Actually, when I see somebody laugh I already laugh with them because I remember Faris when we were laughing together. I really miss him and I miss everything we do together. Nobody knows how much I love Faris.