Ariadna from Cuba was a student in Writing 4 last term at IEI. In this essay, she compares and contrasts two different ways to enjoy your favorite sport.


When I try to think of something relaxing, fun, and educational my mind says; ” Watch Sports! ” When athletes are playing, they put all their effort toward winning, and that is exiting. People like to watch sports around the world, and sports are very common in all cultures. However, there are many differences between watching sports at the stadium and watching sports on TV, including the number the people, the cost, and how to enjoy the game.

First, when watching sports at the stadium the number of people is higher than at a house. The stadium is a huge place where people see games. The building has a lot of seating with a capacity for many people. Some stadiums are bigger than others, depending on the purpose and the city. For example, I live in Nashville, and our city has the Nissan Stadium which has a capacity for 68,798 people. In my home country the Capitan San Luis baseball stadium can accommodate 9,534 people. In both of these stadiums, you can see many people around you having the opportunity to sit down with the people that like your team. Another difference is the cost. Most of the time the cost of admission is high at a stadium, around $40. But it depends on what else you pay for while there. In addition, you spend money on gas to drive, parking, and food. The food at the stadium is typically very expensive. For example, one lemonade is $6. It is estimated that one family of four members pays about $207 for one game. The last point is that people enjoy being at the stadium because there they are able to interact with the environment and the people. For example, at the stadium you can shout, sing, and enjoy the music, among other things.

However, these aspects are different when watching sports on TV. First, the number of people is lower than at a stadium. For example, at home the amount of people is small and you have the opportunity to decide whether you will see it alone or with your family. Home is also more comfortable. People can prepare their room according to their own desire. In fact, there are families that have a room specifically for watching TV. Another differing aspect of watching sports at home is the cost. The cost at home is cheaper because you can plan your own food and to pay a monthly cable TV cost that is appropriate for your budget. In addition, people like watching at home because they can rest and avoid the stress. For example, when people choose to stay at home, they do not have to be worry about driving in heavy traffic, finding a parking place, and waiting in line to be able to enter a stadium. At home when watching TV, people can also see the replay of every play, enjoy the statistics of the players, and change the channel if they prefer to see something else.

In conclusion, watching sports at the stadium or on TV is a great experience, but there are differences in the number of people, the cost, and the way to enjoy it. Therefore, the decision is up to each individual depending on what place they prefer to watch sports and their budget. However, in life there is time for both experiences, and balance is very important.