Writing 5 student Tsutomu researched the use of nuclear power in his home country of Japan. In spite of the risks associated with nuclear power plants, he describes strong arguments in favor of their continued use.

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We have to use electricity to live. We made electricity in many ways: nuclear power, steam power, and hydraulic power. Before 2011, Japan made a well-balanced electricity such as nuclear power, steam power, hydroelectric power, for Japan have no resources like oil and natural gas. In 2011, there was a big earthquake in Japan. After that, the nuclear power has melt down and we have to stop the nuclear power plant. As a result, we have confronted the energy issues because it is difficult to make electricity sufficiently. Some people in Japan says that Japan should not use the nuclear power. On the other hand, another people should use the nuclear power. Both of them mentioned about the safety use and electricity power balance. I think that we should use the nuclear power in Japan due to two reasons.

First of all, if we use the nuclear power, we would have to check seriously. Some people think it is dangerous to use the nuclear power because it has melt down in 2011. Also, some people could not live in the radioactive area. There are a lot of earthquakes in Japan, so they think the nuclear power will be melt down again in the future. According to The Japan Times News “Many cited concerns about the safety of nuclear power and the disposal of waste” (2016). However, we check the nuclear power plant again and again before we use it. In this situation Japan has restarted nuclear power plant since 2015. According to the Washington Post, they stated “Japan’s move to restart a nuclear reactor is a good decision”(Board 2015). Indeed, it is not definitely safety, but it is almost safety. If the nuclear power plant pass many tests, we should use the nuclear plant.

Second, we have an issue about power balance. Before 2011, Japan make about 30% electricity by the nuclear power. After the earthquake, we have made the electricity without nuclear power. As a consequence, we have to import more natural gas and oil from another country in order to make electricity by the steam power. Some people states that they no problems except nuclear power balance because Japan could operate the electricity without nuclear power since 2011. In contrast, other people argue that it is dangerous for Japan to rely on the steam power such as the oil and natural gas. The natural gas and oil are existed specific location. If Japan cannot import natural gas and oil for many reasons such as wars or costs, we would not make electricity. Hence, they argue that nuclear power is important in Japan to make a well balance electricity.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make electricity. In Japan, there are many opinions about nuclear power. Some of them agree to use nuclear power, but another people disagree it. However, I think Japan needs to use the nuclear power, whereas there are a lot of opinions. So it is very important to explain the reasons why we need the nuclear power.