If you’re studying English, you are probably interested in improving your English grammar. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch videos of simple, step-by-step explanations of the major parts of English grammar? How about some free online practice exercises?

Khan Academy now offers all of this, and best of all, it’s free!

Khan Academy is a well-known website for learning and reviewing math concepts from basic arithmetic to calculus. They’ve added extensive videos and exercises on other topics like science, computing, medicine, history, and economics. Now they’ve added English grammar lessons.

Sign up for a free Khan Academy account and check out the Grammar section under Arts & Humanities. You’ll see a list of topics:

grammar menu.png

Let’s look at “Parts of speech: the preposition and the conjunction“. This topic included four subtopics, each with several videos and sets of practice exercises.

prep menu.png

The videos are short and simple with experts presenting grammar explanations as they write and draw. Here’s the first video from this topic, “Meet the Preposition“.

After most videos, you’ll have a set of practice exercises. You can check your answer to each exercise immediately, and you’ll earn points for finishing exercises.


You can repeat exercises as many times as you like, and the website will keep track of which skills you’ve mastered. Also, you can add a coach to share your progress with your teacher or tutor.

Have you tried Khan Academy’s grammar program yet? What do you think?