It’s the end of the November/December term: Time for exams, the end-of-term party, goodbyes to exiting students, and of course, The Globe. We publish our student writing newsletter six times a year, and this is our final issue for 2016.

Today we’re highlighting two of our students and their work from the last term. Meznah is a Writing 2 student from Saudi Arabia who write about wedding traditions. Wenxuan from China, a Writing 3 student, wrote about friendship.

A Party

By Aloyuni

Weddings in my city are different. First, we give gifts. Then we go to the reception wearing special clothes. The bride wears a white dress, and the groom wear traditional clothes. The party is in separate rooms. People get married at the palace. The party continues all night. The food is in a private room. Dancing is very important. The appropriate age to get married for women is 20 years old and up, but for men it is 25 and up. After the reception, they go on a honeymoon, and after the honeymoon we have a special party for them.

Best Friends or Many Friends

By Wenxuan

Different people have different choices. As we know some people like many friends accompany himself. And some people like choose very a few but important friends.

I agree with people who own one or two best friends,because general friends just play together or talk about simple things. If you have best friends, you not only play together, but also listen when you are sorrowful, happy and upset. They can understand you. They can comfort you. Any time they can accompany you. If you only have general friends. They will not do so much for you. Maybe they reject you some requests.

For example, three months ago, I needed go to USA. Most general friends just sent me email. But best friends, they gave me a hug. At the same time, we said many promises. I don’t think that the other friends could do this. And since I stay USA.I have needed to some money buy game equipment. My best friends could lend me money, but general friends didn’t lend me and they didn’t believe me.

All in all, I like to spend a lot of time with my best friends. But sometimes I need to spend a little time with general friends. I insist on my understanding. While listening to other people’s ideas.