Yesterday we introduced the November/December issue of The Globe, our student writing newsletter, and featured writing from two of our students. Here’s an essay from Writing 4 student Furkan from Turkey. Furkan explores the types of literature and what they bring to our lives.

Literature is the biggest ocean on the world. If you can swim, you may travel to different continents, or if you can’t, you may drown. This ocean, literature, can be divided into two groups: fiction and non-fiction.

Did you know that book can transport you around the world, especially fiction books? You can be a Chinese adventurer in Asia tonight, and the next night maybe you can be a worker in the mines of Africa. This is your choice. Fiction books or novels are the best option for dreamers. Also, you can learn many things from fiction books. For example, maybe you will not try to fly a space ship like in the Star Wars series, but you can learn something about friendship from this adventure or the importance of family ties from Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Finally, fiction books are more interesting and fun than non-fiction books, like places which are waiting to be discovered.

The other kind of literature is non-fiction books. We may divide non-fiction literature into two groups: reference materials, which are useful for academic area and other books about topics like history, language, cooking, travel etc. Non-fiction books generally tell about something real like university research, research about bird, making chemical medicines or building a bridge. You can write on essay about anything, but firstly you have to learn lots of thing before start to write something.

The other non-fiction books are different from reference books. You can buy these books from a bookstore or a library. For example; My Struggle, which is Adolf Hitler’s book, he wrote when he was in jail. You can learn a lot of things about World War II from this book; additionally, you can go back to the middle of the 20th century. These books are very useful for curious people, not for dreamers. If you are hungry for knowledge, you may be a real non-fiction lover. So, if there is an ocean, non-fiction books are the deepest area of this ocean.

To sum up, people may like to read each type of literature—it’s normal. But we know that literature has two kinds: fiction and non-fiction. You can share your ideas about your books with your friends when you finished them. Also, in my opinion, reading a book is better than watching movies or TV series. Because you can imagine characters, places and scenes when you read something.