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Good advice for all aspects of life from The Rock:


Studying abroad is a wonderful way to broaden your horizons and understand more about the world.if-you-dont-get-out-of-the-box-youve-been-raised-in-you-wont-understand-how-much-bigger-the-world-is

Writer Stephen King knows the power of being brave enough to take the first step.you

Another way to think about the courage to try something new:what-would-life-be-if-we-had-no-courage-to-attempt-anything

If you keep learning, you’ll always feel young. It’s never too late to start!one-of-the-secrets-to-staying-young-is-to-always-do-things-you-dont-know-how-to-do-to-keep-learning

Think of how much power you’ll have if you can read in another language!malala

Keep learning and growing!if-you-rest-you-rust

It may take a long time, but remember this:patience

Hard work is necessary to achieve your dreams.estee-lauder

You don’t need to compare your progress to anyone else’s.the-greatest-achievement

We learn our biggest lessons from mistakes.mistakes

The key is to be confident in yourself.


You’ll meet other people on their own journeys here, and you can travel together for a while.


The more you learn, the more you can change the world!


Learn more and earn more.


Dream big. No, even bigger than that!


The more you read, the bigger your world is.


Each step takes you closer to your goal.


Take a risk and do something new.


You may find a new land to love.