Another term has ended, and so we present another issue of The Globe. This newsletter contains this term’s best writing from each of our students. Download the entire issue, or check out our favorite paragraphs, essays, and research papers on the blog this week.

Today, check out writing from Piyawan, a level 2 student from Thailand, and Juan, a level 3 student from Mexico.

If I Won a Million Dollars

By Piyawan 

If I won $1,000,000 I would buy one big house in Thailand and help children who have no parents because I think I need to show love for them. I would make them happy every day because I want children to go to school and in the future they won’t be alone. They can have good work for them. I would also go to Africa to help people and give food for them. I would save $10,000 in the bank for my children. I would open a bakery to sell cakes because I like to make cakes very much, and I would travel with my family to Korea because my family wants to go to Korea very much. I want to see snow. After we go back to Thailand, I would go with my children to the sea for a holiday because I think children want to travel to the sea. I want to see my children so happy when they travel.

Learning a Second Language

By Juan

In my native country, the people speak Spanish, and I could learn English in middle school, high school, university, and particular classes. This is good, but it isn’t best because many people only speak Spanish. I took courses to learn English in the school at first, but I didn’t practice this language with other people. My boss advised me to learn in another country, so I moved to the United States.

When I arrived, many people spoke English. Every day I take intensive courses to learn English. In the school, I have a lot of teachers, books, papers, audios, and students where I may practice this language every day. I take classes in grammar, writing, conversation, reading, and listening. This is the best for me.

After school, I visit other places where the people speak in English. For example, I take the bus every day and any time where I listen to the people who speak in English. Sometimes the people talk to me and I need to talk with them. In the beginning, I had fear. I didn’t know how to speak English, but I had knowledge about it, so my fear was to explain myself incorrectly. Now I don’t have fear because my friend recommended me to have no fear.

Every Sunday I go to the church where I speak with American people in English all the time. I am also living with a host family who are native of United States. I live there with other people from other countries, so we always use only English. The house’s owner asks me about my day every day, and I need to explain what I learned in classes that day.

Really, I like to learn and speak English with other people.