Yesterday we featured work from our Writing 2 and Writing 3 students. Today, a short essay from Mesut explains the importance of face-to-face communication in today’s digital world. Mesut is a Writing 4 student from Turkey. Remember to download The Globe to read the best work from all of our writing students!

Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication because with face-to-face communication, we can show or mime and show our feelings, but with other types of communication, we can’t show body language and emotion.

Face-to-face communication is the best type of communication because for communication, when we look at each other, showing body language is the most important part of communication. With face-to-face communication, we can understand each other more than other types, and mistakes can happen less than with other types. For example, for communication now, we have a lot of opportunities, but some companies for important meetings, don’t use these opportunities. Meetings will even cost too much because for some meetings they need to pay for the trip, for the hotel, or maybe for other things. Even so, companies usually prefer face-to-face communication because they are trying to get more of a benefit!

On the other hand, we can’t communicate face-to-face all the time. Sometimes, maybe even most of the time, we have to use other types of communication such as phone, text, e-mail, Skype, and Facebook. Now, to communicate how we are feeling, we can use emojis to show the other person, but emojis do not work all the time because some emojis can have different meaning for other people.

However, reading a person’s texts and hearing their voice are types of communication that we can use and are using for now. But without face-to-face communication, we can misunderstand each other. We can’t show how we are feeling, and we can’t show emotions. For example, I can’t show another person if I am serious or if I am happy.

In short, in the current world, we have a lot of opportunities for communication, but face-to-face is always better than the other types because feeling and emotion are so important