Our final student writing feature for this week comes from Sofia De La Parra, a Writing 6 student from Mexico. In Writing 6, IEI students choose topics and learn to do in-depth library and web research on their topics. This research in used to write an academic paper similar to what American university students write.

Below, you can read an abstract (formal summary) of Sofia’s paper and download the entire paper, which is 15 pages long including works cited and appendices. Don’t miss our earlier posts of work from students in Writing 2, Writing 3, Writing 4, and Writing 5. Download The Globe to read writing from all of our January/February students.

Did you know that an average Mexico City resident spends around 2 hours each day stuck in traffic in order to commute or go elsewhere (Alvarez)? Mexico is considered one of the most populated cities on the world and its citizens move on a day-to-day basis, making pollution levels sharply increase while significantly affecting the environment. Strategies to encourage people to transport in a more sustainable way are necessary to combat the current problems and change towards a more sustainable lifestyle; it is also a must that the government acts as a supporter and facilitator.

The research is divided into the present day situation of fume exhaustion and the options currently available to move around the city, the changes that need to be done as well as investments pointing out the economic, social, and resource consequences. After considering the research, suggestions are made altogether with a list of recommendations.

I think that if we make individual changes consciously, it is ideal, but what we have to look for is making the vast majority evolve to a more conscious and eco-friendly way of living before it’s too late. Because it does not matter if we believe in it or not, planet earth is reacting in negative ways, and it will not stop for us. Therefore, we have to proactively help take care of our environment.